Physical appearance is important, but the truth is no matter how hard you train you won’t be able to compete with aging. It affects all of us, no matter if we are man or woman we all get older. No matter how strong our body our skin is the one that cannot hide our age. Wrinkles are natural consequences of aging, and we are not able to stop it. But the desire to be attractive is something that is not able to accept his fact.

Is your appearance a key to be attractive?

The thing that nobody tells you is that appearance is something that usually loses its value. In high school, you probably noticed that there are a lot of beautiful girls or boys, but only a few of them are desirable. So, what is the catch at all? The thing is that the character is that catch the think that will magnetically keep other close to you. Your attitude, self-confidence, and self-respect is a key to be attractive to others. As you are getting older this becomes more and more important, especially when most of you do not look like in their teenage period.

What does mean an “alpha man”?

alpha-manFirst of all, to be an “alpha man,” you need to know what you can say and when with a woman. It doesn’t mean you are going to say always the truth, nor lie; this means you are going to wrap the true. The second next thing about a woman is your attention. Even if you are not interested in the subject, act like you are and show some c empathy. Show like you understand her even if you think that she is talking about a bunch of minor and unnecessarily things. Act you are care and do what you think it is the best. Humor is also important; you need to know how to make her laugh, be interesting and positive, do not let her be sad. One while making her a romantic surprise, we do not think that you should make miracles but simple everyday surprises now and then so she can still feel special. Honestly, this isn’t easy and something it is boring but that is the price to make your girl satisfied, and the worst part is that it is a full-time job.

Still, you do not have to lose your personality because then you will become a slave and lose respect. That is why the word occasionally is very important you do not want to spoil your woman; she will stop loving you. In one word whatever you do, do not exaggerate!!!