We all are excited when summer is near. On the other hand, we are terrified because we need to take off our clothes and shows “muscles “in public. We are afraid of others people opinion, especially nowadays when people pay attention to the physical look and try to stay feet even in their fifties. Usually, people start with their work out too late and still want to achieve great results. Is an efficient and fast workout a myth or it is true.

Having a good program is more than enough

First of all, you need to create a program that will equally force all parts of the body, but not at the same time. A lot of people do not know this, and they thing that you need to exercise all groups of your muscles every day. The truth is that your muscles and body parts need to get rest. Otherwise, you won’t build anything, your body will feel exhausted, and you won’t make any progress. It is exactly why you need to make your program that you need to follow. The best way is to accomplish your goal is to organize your workout by body parts group.

Arms and upper parts of your body


Take Monday to be your upper parts day where you will work-out arms. Before everything you need to warm up no matter what exercise we are talking about. Here you can do pushups, or you can go for lifting heavy weights. Here is especially important to intake proteins to force your muscles to grow and to give them enough rest. You need to lift heavier weight with fewer repeats. For maximum stimulation of the chest use bench where you will position your torso with a slight arch in the lower back. Portion your ribcage high and shrug back your shoulders and downward.

Conditioning Training

After your arm day, it is the best to get rest and let your biceps, triceps or quadriceps to get rest. Take Wednesday to be a day for your conditioning training, this way you will practice your heart and the whole cardio system. The type of exercise it is up to you. You can go for jogging or Pilates, or aerobic or swim.  Whatever you decide you won’t make a mistake.

Leg day

After your conditioning training, you need again to make a break and get some rest. It is very important if you are a beginner, this way you will save your body to get any injuries. Beware of them, because any recovering from the injury takes a lot longer than taking a break. After you break, you can go for squats. The best day for this kind of exercise is Friday because you are going to need more than one day to recover from them. Here you can use heavy weight, especially if you want to make your legs real strong. You can start with small weight and increase it as the time passes by.